Busy busy

Hi all, I know we were having a catch-up this week, but I'm already overbooked. How's the week starting 26/11 for you? we can do some online organising in the meantime.

Aurora Gallery is Go!

From Feclicity at GL Counselling Service:

This event has been booked in for the Aurora hall for the 12 Jan 08 4pm -
Need to discuss cost with T10 - SLPA as a community org has usually paid $20
for a 'workshop' hire of 2-3 hours and $50 for a day / evening hire. If you
can get a letter from / co-written with Rape Crisis I think the cost would
be minimal.
The PA and kitchen will be part of the hire and there is a data projector
for slides for the speeches or dvd visuals for the party bit. Will need a
laptop to run slides.

Non-youth events using this venue should advertise it as the Aurora gallery,
43 Bedford St Newtown.

Meeting update


First meeting 7/11/07

Kath, Pauly, Alice, Grace. Hexy

DATE CHOSEN: Party, Sat 12 Jan 08, 6-9pm

Potential venues: Aurora Gallery (Kath to check with Felicity)

UPDATE: F is happy to check w/Aurora

New View Gallery (Grace to check)

Workshop venue: NewQ Hexy to coordinate workshops. Kath to contact Moira C and Karen W re presentations

Website: To be hosted by Avernis, with shopping cart facility

Door charge will be $20 (advance sales & donation button on website)

Raffle tix $5, prizes recruited from our various contacts

Current commitments:

Pauly & Alice - work on website, liase with graphics people when venue is fixed
Alice: chase food platters & poss Smirnoff donation
Pauly: check Lion Nathan contacts
Chase sound system contacts

Kath: contact Karen Willis & Moira Carmody re ethical sex workshop presentation + short speeches at party.

Get signed letters from Karen W.
Contact Hu-la-la re show
Contact MBE re printing, Do Hair etc re sponsorship
Create LJ community & LJ list

Grace: Co-ordinate set-up & clean-up crews
Liase with New View

Hexy: Liase with NewQ

TO DO: Confirm date & venue within the next week, draft & circulate preliminary/teaser invites, begin collecting sponsors & donation, hook up with other interested parties for their contribution.

Next meeting: Week stating 19/11 date & venue TBC