doctornurse (doctornurse) wrote in yes_fest,

Aurora Gallery is Go!

From Feclicity at GL Counselling Service:

This event has been booked in for the Aurora hall for the 12 Jan 08 4pm -
Need to discuss cost with T10 - SLPA as a community org has usually paid $20
for a 'workshop' hire of 2-3 hours and $50 for a day / evening hire. If you
can get a letter from / co-written with Rape Crisis I think the cost would
be minimal.
The PA and kitchen will be part of the hire and there is a data projector
for slides for the speeches or dvd visuals for the party bit. Will need a
laptop to run slides.

Non-youth events using this venue should advertise it as the Aurora gallery,
43 Bedford St Newtown.
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